jamf nation we can do this..macos location for apps for non-admins, ASK apple for a FEATURE REQUEST,

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when installing a browser edge or chrome they dont prompt for a location, They just go into location services as off.
None of our users are admin to unlock this.
I already run the cmd to enable location services but im not sure what my options to get rights to this area for non-admins.

Or at least to get these browsers to prompt for location permission so the user can click yes, like when you have the weather app do it based on location it prompts and works.



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Looking to get some backers.

I submitted a feature request to apple enterprise support to see if this can be controlled as pppc just like screen sharing is done now.

This way apple stays happy about user controlling there privacy and we as admins get to enable it for them to choose.


please submit requests to apple to get this done.

my apple ticket is 101522962955 for reference