Jamf Pro 10.1 and Auto Run Imaging

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Hello Folks,

We made the leap to JAMF Pro 10.1, haven't moved to 10.1.1 just yet.

Anyhow, we can edit Auto Run imaging data per computer. When we attempt to edit Auto Run data for a group of computers, we click on the action button, choose Edit Auto Run data and when we click next, the entire page is blank. Anyone else seeing this?

I have a support call into JAMF going, just curious if anyone else has the same thing happening.



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We are experiencing the same when trying to do a mass action to the autorun data. Also sent message to JAMF. There seems to be numerous issues with Jamf Imaging, including not leveraging account info to automate JAMF Imaging.

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Thanks @ed_grof for at least confirming what I am seeing. If I edit the data for a single computer, it all works great. However, I am not going to go through hundreds of Macs to edit the data just to get this to work. A support guy did tell me he is seeing it working. So I am confused. We will see what happens.

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The JAMF problem number is PI-005124, and the version 10.1.1 does not fix this problem.