Jamf Pro Intune Compliance Integration & Inventory Updates

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Hi all,

For a customer we are building a new environment with Jamf Pro and Intune integration for Compliance. 

So what is a recommended time frame to collect & send the Computer inventory updates?

Default the inventory is send once a week with Jamf Pro.

Is this also recommended when using the Intune integration for Compliance? Or do we need to send daily / hourly?

Please advice us!



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Hey LeoBoston, 
Daily is probably going to be the minimum for Intune since InTune has a daily check-in for the compliance portion. We send inventory hourly but it also depends on the other needs of your customer. 

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I'm so sorry! I wanted to reply much sooner, but I got ill and here I am! How do you setup the hourly update? I can't find it.