JAMF Pro - Machine Certificates from Built-in JAMF CA for 802.1x

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In preparation for the JAMF bind apocalypse... I'm looking to find machine certificate alternatives for 802.1x wired and wireless.

Currently, for 802.1x wired and wireless, we use machine certificates requested from a Windows PKI server. It has worked quite well. However, in the future when we are unable to bind MAC's to AD... we are looking at alternatives.

Has anyone been able to use the machine certificates generated from the JAMF PRO Built-in CA for 802.1x using configuration profiles??


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Bind apocalypse has been canceled. Microsoft offered a patch and fixed the kerberos issue for Macs and Linux machines that bind.

really??? When/where was that announced?

The last article I saw is...


Hey I know this is old but is there something specific in these two links that indicates specifically that the issue creating bind apocalypse was resolved? Nothing stood out to me.