JAMF Pro on Prem hardware

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Is anybody here still running their JAMF pro instances on-prem? Our management is very anti moving things to the cloud.

I am a super new Sys-admin for our Mac stuff and management has tasked me with researching what to replace our current hardware relating to our JAMF pro environment. I am having trouble finding super good data of how much hardware/specs we actually need to support what we have with some extra headroom.

Management likes the idea of going VM for most of our JAMF stuff, but JAMF support seems is a little wishy-washy on if that's a good idea. I think they are really trying to push the cloud service (which I get). We're also running things mostly in Linux right now, but management has discussed going to Windows Server whenever we get new hardware.

If any of you guys are still running JAMF pro on-prem, do you have any insight on how you have things structured, what hardware you are running, and how well it seems to run? Also you guys use any 3rd party applications to monitor your JAMF servers? I've tried parsing through server logs and looking at system resources here and there, but it would be helpful if there was a good way to aggregate that data.

We have about 4,200 Mac computers and about 7100 iPads

Here is a rough overview of our setup now:

  *   4 physical Servers (clustered) the JAMF Pro Web App on Red Hat enterprise. Dell Power Edge R430's
  *   1 Physical box we use as a load balancer on Ubuntu, Dell PowerEdge R610
  *   3 physical distro points running Ubuntu, PowerEdge R430's
  *   4 Mac minis serving as distribution points at our “imaging” site
  *   14 mac minis that we have set up as Caching servers for Apple content
  *   Our JAMF SQL database lives on a VM running Cent OS


Thanks all, I'm still very much cutting my teeth on this stuff.