Jamf's intent to acquire Wandera

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hello Jamf Nation! 

Exciting news! Today, Jamf announced significant investment in our security solution with the intent to acquire Wandera. Wandera provides a zero trust cloud security solution to protect today’s ways of working. The company secures data and devices against cyber threats, helps apply policies to filter internet access, reduce risk exposure and data overages, and enables Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to all applications and resources.

As a result of Apple growth in the enterprise, these devices are now bigger targets for security threats. This, coupled with the prevalence of mobile work and learning, is accelerating a new Zero Trust Network Access approach to security versus traditional methods, like VPN. 

Wandera’s Apple-first security solutions, which include Private Access, Data Policy and Threat Defense, has led to iOS and iPadOS representing 80% of the devices Wandera secures. Wandera’s solution is entirely complementary to Jamf’s, without overlap, making the eventual combination a compelling potential whole solution for our Jamf Nation friends. 

For now, we are simply announcing our intent to acquire Wandera. We have much work to do and will share details on the official acquisition in the near future. Despite this exciting news today, our first commitment is to you and your daily success. Our mission to help organizations succeed with Apple is unchanged and has never been more important.

For more information on this announcement, read the full press release here



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@deanhager Wow, I sure didn't see that coming. These are all great acquisitions you've been doing over the last few years (Orchard & Grove, Digita Security, Kinobi, cmdReporter etc..), really looking forward to see how this latest one evolves