Jamf Teacher/Student app - Shared ipads

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I have a setup where I have shared iPads among three classes. The teacher have their own iPads (they're set as the owner).

I've installed the Jamf Student app on all student iPads and all the teacher app on the teachers.

However, when I try to start a class (and join as a student) I get an error message saying. "Failed to join class. This user has no device. Please contact your IT-admin for more information."

Does the app not work with shared iPads or am I missing something?


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I´ve the same problem here. We installed Classes with 'Shared iPads only' for 5th & 6th grade. When I open an ad hoc class, I can choose shared iPads - choose the Device Group - nothing changed. When I try to add students, the onscreen code shows up and the message for the class pops up on the iPad, but when I tab 'join' the error message comes up.

Have someone an answer to this behavior?



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Maybe this is your problem, too?: https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/feature-requests/10266/jamf-school-feature-request-control-shared-ipads-in-guestmode-with-jamf-teacher

i tried a feature request..