jamfHelper -launchd ... Err what?

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Hi all,

What does the -launchd flag for JamfHelper do?


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I think you mean startlaunchd ?

-startlaunchd Starts the JAMF Helper as a launchd process

In testing I have seen using this option makes scripts which use the jamfhelper to receive user input, wait for the input to be entered. Without, the scripts carry on as though a NULL value was returned despite the user not having yet clicked on an option.

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Thanks Lisa.

I'm trying to run JAMFHelper commands, but don't want them showing over the screensaver.

I was thinking that running them via Launchd they would respect the macs sleep state & not display until the screen saver was dismissed.

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@ben, don't think there's a way to prevent that. jamfHelper windows are always on top of everything, including the screensaver.

You could either use an AppleScript window or play with cocoaDialog. I use the latter a fair amount. Despite the last released beta not being updated for close to a year now, it works fine with Mountain Lion from what i can see. It has a --float flag which makes the windows appear over all others, but in tests I've done it will not display over the screensaver like jamfHelper. If you wanted to use jamfHelper's hud display there is no equivalent in either of these, but cocoaDialog has a ton of other options that jamfHelper does not have. Kind of depends on what you're looking to display.