JSS Certificate Communication Hit or Miss

New Contributor

Hello All,

Somewhat a new-be when it comes to JAMF and the Casper Suite but I have been using it for about a year so I know my way around it, or I think I do.

So were running JSS v 8.63 with the option for certificate based communication off.

I am getting ready to migrate to 8.71 and were wanting to utilize the certificate communication for more advance management of 10.7 and 10.8 machines.

So I added the "JSS Certificate Validation" extension to make sure the clients were communicating properly. It has run for about a week and I've noticed that not all of my clients are communicating with the certificate. Now from what I gathered from the documentation is that its suppose communicate through the JSS install certificate even if its not made a requirement but my clients are not following this.

Anyone have any troubleshooting tips or ways to force the clients to communicate properly through the JSS installed certificate?

I apologize if I need more info but again, never really dealt with much Apple management before so I little background in Apple server or Apple management.

Thanks for all the help in advance, Adam.