JSS on Windows Server or Virtualized OSX 10.6.x


Casper Suite 7.3 Administrator's Guide on page 15 states: "The JAMF Software Server (JSS) can be installed on any platform running Java 6, Tomcat, andMySQL."

Am I to understand this as any OS or any *NIX OS that is running these softwares? If Windows server is an option, does anyone have instructions on how to do so? Thanks for your help. Otherwise, has anyone virtualized OS X 10.6.x on Xserve hardware to create multiple servers on one Xserve?

Background: we would like to put a JSS in our DMZ for our mobile devices to access. However, we don't want to put the money into another Xserve to do it. Our costs are very low on a Win2K8 server and that would be ideal if possible or virtualization on our existing Xserve hardware.
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It may be possible to put JSS on Windows or 'NIX (physical or VM) but I don't think it's fully supported by JAMF. That's unfortunate, since our enterprise servers support groups only support Wintel (and some *NIX).