LDAP in Casper Imaging 9.72

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When authenticating with an AD account that has full admin privileges in the JSS, Casper Imaging becomes unresponsive when clicking Image. Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix?
I'd rather not have to make more generic accounts, nice to see who's been doing what.


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We had the same issue and opened a support case with JAMF, we were running 9.63 when this occured. We were informed that there is a defect regarding the use of special characters in passwords, this applies to any type of password in the JSS.

We had our techs remove any special characters, in this case the offender was a %, from their passwords and it fixed the issue. The offending characters include %, :, &, @, $, I'm certain there are more but those of the big ones we have run into.

I do not believe this issue has been fixed yet.

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To add to the list by @Caitlin_H we had issues with the "!" character as well.

Another thing that made 9.65 work better here was:

Changing the Distribution Points in the JSS from using DNS names to IP addresses.

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Ahhh OK, thanks! Hope they sort this one as I have quite a few admins, probably with fairly ridiculous passwords!