Leveraging Tanium to push JAMF

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Mac and jamf newb here...I have been tasked with creating an install package in Tanium to push JAMF to any and all Macs that don't have it.

The problem I have is that Tanium requires a terminal command line or switch to install which I can't find anywhere or any where that I have searched. I've asked the JAMF admin at the office...but no response.

So, is there a terminal command line switch I can run to say...run a silent install, etc.?


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When you say push jamf, are you referring to enrolling a device into jamf or install a package?

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The terminal command to install a QuickAdd pkg would be the "installer" command. It's weird that Tanium would require that, does it copy the pkg file somewhere and it just sits there until you run a command to install it?