Local admin account has no permissions

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I have been searching for an answer, but coming up empty. Our prestage enrollment creates a local admin account for our tech services department but under Big Sur that account is created with no permissions to access anything on the disk. We can log into the account, and even use it to create other user accounts, but it has no permission to access the desktop, downloads, trash, or even to open Self Service. Is there a change that I may need to make to how prestage enrollment performs under Big Sur that I may have missed?

Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate your help.


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I'm seeing the same issue on my end too!


Has anyone been able to figure out what causes this issue or how to get around it?

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We've been working around it by using that crippled account to create a temporary local admin account, then logging into that new local admin account to delete and re-create the original local admin account, then log back into the re-created account and delete the temporary account.  After this everything seems to work OK.  Tedious for sure, but functional.

btw, this began for us when we started rolling out Big Sur... we're a little behind ;^)  It seems to be intermittent for us, maybe 50-ish% of machines that we "Erase & Install" experience it.

...also, this has happened to our two new Mac Studios right out of the box.  We haven't "fixed" them yet so I'm hoping we can use one as a test case for figuring out what's happening.


This issue just happened to me, has anyone figured out a solution?