Machines running 10.7.5 freeze during enrollment?

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Hello all. I am currently in the process of getting our fleet of Macs enrolled in Casper Suite. I have most of my machines managed, except for my four machines that are running 10.7.5. No matter how I try to enroll (enrollment invites, Recon, logging into the JSS enroll page, etc), these machines cannot enroll themselves, and freeze either on the "running package scripts" on the Quick-Add.pkg or "getting hardware information" in Recon. We are running JSS 9.3.

If using the Quick-Add.pkg file, the only way to end it is the do a Force Quit.

Has anyone else run into this issue? My 10.8.x and 10.9.x machines enroll just fine. I did some basic searches and couldn't find any info, and would appreciate any help.