MacOS Big Sur Operation Not Pemitted

New Contributor

Hey JAMF Fam.

I have an issue where When trying to deploy an Intel Mac with Big Sur, all of my policies are failing on "Operation not Permitted".

JAMF is up to date (10.28) and the packages work fine with Catalina and Apple Silicone Based Big Sur MacBook's.

I can see the PPPC profile is loading ok.

Is there anything specific i need to do for intel based Macs that i am missing?


Valued Contributor

Can you manually mount the DP and copy the package with the special account that is normally used by your Jamf Pro Server?

In fact as you say all your policies are failing, can you copy any package with the DP mounted using the special account used by Jamf Pro server?

Your Configuration Profiles are not coming from the DP normally. Their info is stored in the database and they get created when needed as they are just XML files. Scripts are stored that way too.