Mavericks SUS - Duplicate Updates

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I've been noticing some strange behavior with our Apple software updates recently. Many of our Macs will show multiple instances of the same update or, worse yet, want to install two updates that should not happen at the same time, such as a 10.9.2 Delta AND Combo update! Yikes!

Here's an example of what we're seeing on JSS. The post install logs show the same thing.

[external image link](

Look at all those Safari updates!
We're running JSS 8.73 and the OS X Server 10.9.2, running version 3.1, was built from the ground up. No upgrade from 10.8.
Do you know what might be causing this?


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Ive been trying to figure out how to correct this for awhile (without switching SUS solutions).
Has anyone got a solution to this?

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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I know this is an old post, but just in case someone else comes across it...

I've always seen this when SUS is set for manually enabling updates. You can clear them out by setting it to automatic, and letting it sync with Apple, and then if you need to, switch it back to manual and disable the updates you don't want distributed.