MDM Command for in place OS Upgrade macOS

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So has anybody attempted to use the Mass Actions way to do an in place upgrade from 10.14.5 to 10.14.6

I was sent multiple white papers saying this is a way to perform an OS upgrade.

and in this document on page 9.

But when i attempt to do it nothing happens.

So i put in a ticket to Jamf, and i am told

"With those larger updates, it is usually recommended to upgrade with the installer app vs the remote command. Attached is a workflow a colleague made for this. Also, instead of using VPP, you can just package the installer with composer and push it out that way to the applications folder."



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And today I am told it is Product Issue PI-006005

i think it like the 10th one we have under our belts with none being fixed in over 3 years of having Jamf.