Metrics reporting tools for Casper, JSS, Jamf or as my VP calls it "JAM-F"

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Hey Everyone, I was wondering if any of you have implemented some kind of reporting service into JSS like Tableu. SCCM has SSRS but I wanted take my mysql queries and make pretty tables and charts for the management since they don't like me giving them raw data.

Any thoughts?


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I hope to piggy back of this post. I too am looking for more reporting from jamf pro. I'm especially keen on figuring out ways to find frequently used third party apps that users install.

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Bumping as an interested party as well. We're looking at getting the SCCM plugin to facilitate some of this, but I hadn't even considered Tableu, and I believe we use it in some other departments for other functions, so I may have access to a license already.

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@Taylor.Armstrong if you try Tableu and are successful lemme know. I was thinking of bringing that to my company.

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@beastie If you felt like hand coding something you could use python to query the db and then use the data to generate charts/graphs.

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There is already a feature request for it, vote it up!

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We are a MSP that manages 25+ JSSs. In my previous job we used Munki and MunkiReports. I have implemented MunkiReport along side of Jamf (, rebranded it as JamfReport and given some of our sales people and end users access. Great reporting without all of the complex searches and Smart Groups, etc of Jamf. Highly customizable. It requires installing Munki but all I have Munki doing is running the preflight and postflight scripts to grab the data. Depending on where Jamf goes with patching I might soon be implementing Munki as a much easier way to keep 3rd party apps up to date.