migration from jamf now to jamf pro (different admin accounts / customers)

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hey there,

it is planned that various computers that are currently managed in a separate jamf now will be transferred to our jamf pro. so this is a move of various macbooks into our existing system.

is there a best practice here? maybe even instructions? what do we have to think about in general? how does it work with the tokens / certificates? do the devices have to be set up again for this?

i know my way around jamf very well by now, but this is a sore point, unfortunately, and will certainly come up soon.

thank you!


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I've done this a couple times now and we've done it 2 ways.  
1) Move all machine in ABM to our Jamf Pro server and then wipe the machine and everything is like its a new machine coming in.
2) Manual enrollment.  You'll need to go into Jamf Now and send the command to unenroll from Jamf Now.  Then wait/confirm on the local machine that Jamf Now profiles are gone.  Then manually enroll into Jamf Pro.  If the device is already encrypted, you'll need to prompt the user so you can re-escrow the recovery key.  

IMO, its easier to just wipe and start over.

It may be that the machines will receive their own installation packages - I would then need to view these in Jamf Now and manually transfer them to my Jamf Pro, correct?

And thanks for the detailed answer!

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How do you prompt the user? I could not get this to work and had to do it through a terminal command and I really don't want to have to do this for every user. 

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If they have any custom built PKGs, you'll need to get a copy from whomever uploaded it to JamfNow as you can't download them.  Then you'd upload to Jamf Pro like normal. 

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If your new Jamf Pro setup is empty (or fairly so) you might want to look at using "Jamf Migrator" between the two - noting that I've only used it between two Jamf Pro setups myself.

Jamf Migrator (github) 

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Its my understanding that Migrator is only for Pro to Pro.  It can't be used for Jamf Now to Pro.