Mobile Device Configuration Profiles pending

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Lately if I create or make a change to a Mobile Device Configuration Profile a number of devices continue to show as pending. Although in the history for the pending devices it shows that the config was applied. Jamf's suggestion was to exclude devices and re add them back to the profiles. This is not going to happen when I don't have the devices in hand and the config lays certain restrictions.

If I "edit" a configuration profile and make no changes and apply to all - a different subset will appear as pending and the history shows it as applied.

Somehow the logs are just not getting updated after a certain time.

I was hopeful that 10.27 might fix something - but the issue is still happening.

Anyone else noticing this?


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We are also seeing the same thing here. I have been working with support for over two weeks now and they have not been able to resolve the problem. I will try to offer an update if they are ever come up with one.

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After my ticket was bumped up I received this - so it appears to be a known issue.

I understand that we've been seeing a discrepancy in the UI, as profiles that have successfully installed are showing up in the Configuration Profiles dashboard as Pending. It appears that we're running into a known issue, where the Configuration Profiles pending and completed numbers can be inaccurate due to race condition surrounding event logs system. Normally this occurs when there are a large number of devices, but the exact count can vary. Your case has been attached to that issue, PI-007231.