mobile hotspot restrictions

New Contributor II

Hey all,

For use during the Corona Crisis, we purchased some iPhones to use as hotspots for staff with inadequate internet service at home. This will be my first foray into iOS devices in Jamf.

I wanted to set them up so they can only be used as hotspots. Anything they would do online should be done on their computer, not the iPhone. Here are my thoughts:

disable appstore
disable the itunes store
disable the phone app
disable the message app disable the mail app

  1. is there a reason not to do this?
  2. would it disable functionality as a hotspot?
  3. can it be done? if so, how? I created a config profile and turned off everything that looked like it would do what I want, but a test user could still install apps using their AppleID.

What do you all think?