Msupdate & Notification Center

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I'd like to use msupdate to deploy Office 2019 updates but my testing has the notification center messages appearring as if only AutoUpdate needs to restart instead of the actual app that is being updated (Word in this example). If I click Restart App, Word does restart and update.

Does anyone know if this is now the expected behaviour?




What is the policy/script you are using to issue the updates? Is it actually checking for updates on the other office apps?

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No just installing 1 app.

sudo -u $currentUser /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft --install --apps MSWD2019

Apps are registered. The command is downloading and installing the correct update. When Restart App is selected on the Notification Center message its closes Word, installs Word and reopens. But the Notification Center message says it AutoUpdate not Word that has an update available and requires a restart.

Just finished testing on MAU 4.7, 4.8 & 4.9.

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@jonathandykerman yes, that is the expected behavior for the current version of MAU. In older versions of MAU, we used to have a design where we would fire a NSNotification for each app awaiting an update, but it got a little overwhelming for some users, as they would have a stack of notifications appear on the right side of the screen. So, we consolidated all apps down to a single notification, using the MAU icon.

I'm definitely open to feedback about how to make this experience better if you have a proposal.

Thanks! Paul.

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@pbowden Thanks for the reply. I can understand that position and wanting to keep the Notification Center "clean". But I fear for other users it may cause confusion if apps are being restarted that are not explicitly mentioned.

Perhaps through a plist preference, or an additional flag to the command, IT administrators could decide how their Business Partners see these notifications.