Newbie asks... Do I have to enter each building by hand?

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Being quite new to JAMF and Casper I'm somewhat embarrassed to ask something that was probably covered at last week's Jumpstart and surely within the capabilities of this awesome software, but I wonder if there's a way to import our list of buildings and departments?


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Do an Inventory search, at the bottom there is a take action on results drop down, choose Edit Building... That will do it for all in your search.

...You can set it in your enrollment profile before you enroll devices, after the fact, I don't know of an easy way to do it.

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@matt4836, that won't create new departments & buildings, it only allows you to assign existing ones to computers in the search results. I think jondowd is looking to create the buildings/departments in the JSS without entering each one manually.

@jondowd, there's no GUI control to do this in the JSS, but it can be done with the Casper Suite API. If you haven't looked into it yet, use a URL format like

On the page that comes up you'll see "buildings" and "departments" (among others) and a POST link next to each that gives you more information about how to use it.
You'll have to put your buildings and departments into xml files that you can import via a script of some kind, possibly using the curl command. I believe you can find examples of the xml format on the Intro page in your JSS: