NoMAD - Active Directory Login Names

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We're starting to notice a few login glitches here and there ever since we started using NoMAD. Particularly with our Mac folks who have spaces in their Active Directory names and logins. More even so with Mojave. Does anyone know if a user who has a space in their active directory name, needs to have it removed for use with NoMAD?


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So not the display name, but the actual username has (at least one) space?

I've never encountered an org that allows spaces in a username due to interoperability issues with other services, in this case Nomad. It's common for services/identity providers to disallow spaces, so unless your org has something like Okta or Centrify to ease the syncing of login names that have different requirements, I don't know of a solution other than "don't have a space in the username."


@sshort Hi, thanks for the response! Yes, the actual username has a space between the name. I found out that the folks who do have a space between their usernames are folks who have been with the company for DECADES! Old timers. Majority of them are on PC. But a good handful are Mac. And yes, OKTA is also in place. Is it safe to say, take out the space for ALL Mac users?