O365 MDM and JAMF

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We are considering using JAMF to manage iPads, we are already use JAMF Pro for macOS.

We currently enforce users who wish to use Office 365 on personal devices to enrol with O365 MDM so we can secure data, this is enforced at a staff group level so users with company issued iPads would still need this policy.

Currently these iPads are enrolled in O365 MDM for this purpose but we not require proper management of the devices. Is there a way to manage these devices in JAMF Pro whilst continuing to enforce the O365 MDM to these users. I gather you cannot enrol a device in multiple MDMs?


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Yes this is possible through co-management for iOS in Jamf Pro 10.25 (co-management for macOS has been available for quite a while)
Your iPads will all need to be re-enrolled into Jamf Pro, but with co-management enabled it will use the security polices from O365 (i.e Intune Conditional Access)
So the device is managed with Jamf but the data is access is managed in Microsoft Intune The beta is already available if you signup for it, but it will be a key announcement for JNUC next week (no spoilers there as Microsoft have already let that one slip at the Ignite conference this week)

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Thanks! I am yet to start my JAMF Pro iOS adventures, this is good to know!