OneDrive StandAlone plist open at login Help

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I have found this info: MS Doc
I make the change via the GUI and I see the OpenatLogin change to a value of 1 from 0. I then copy this file out change it back to disable open at login and copy the plist. Seems to ignore this file and the openatlogin is still disabled.
How can I do this via JAMF to make sure OneDrive always open at login.

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You could put it into the "Login Items" for the user.

That "Open At Login" doesn't always work.

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Try something like this in Apple Script. (You'll need to put it in a shell script to execute from a Policy though)

tell application "System Events" to make login item with properties {name:"Microsoft Teams", path:"/Applications/Microsoft", hidden:false}

tell application "System Events" to delete login item "Microsoft Teams"