Outlook 2011. Recurring meeting time off by hours, what is the problem?

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Hey all, I have had a handful of users claim some of their recurring meetings have jumped time. But OWA doesn't show the incorrect time and neither does their iPhone. But if the creator of the meeting changes the meeting time to show the correct time in his Outlook it changes it to an incorrect time on the other recipients of the meeting. I have verified the correct UTC time zone in Outlook > Preferences > Calendar. I have also verified the Macs time and timezone is correct. Anyone else in the same boat and have any advice or solutions?


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We had some issues with reoccurring meetings that had no end date, and listed invalid accounts (folks who left the Firm). We had the meeting organizer create a fresh one, with end date, and haven't had any problems since.



One thing I ran into a while back was that the timezone was correct (ie: Mountain Time vs. Central Time, etc) but the CITY chosen in the timezone was Arizona (we're in New Mexico) which doesn't have Daylight Savings Time. . . the user with the problem noticed that all his meetings changed by an hour on a specific date. . . not sure if this is helpful at all but sometimes I get ideas from the random postings of others. You'd want to make sure that the creator of the meeting is in the correct timezone/time as well as the recipient/attendees.

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Funny coincidence - I was reading this message, and Outlook 2011 just notified me of a meeting that started 2 hours ago! Earlier in the day, I was notified of a meeting 1 hour 20 minutes after a meeting happened.

I think Outlook notifications have gotten highly erratic the last couple releases, but that could be my habit of having both Outlook and Mail/Calendar/Contacts, on the same machine, connected to our Exchange server.

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Hey there, can I resurrect this thread? We are seeing the same here with users in Israel, and it's getting to be a pretty big problem for them! Did you ever get this sorted (other than the reoccuring meetings needing an end date - or was this the fix?)

Thanks in advance!!