Outlook for Mac and exchange server communication problems

New Contributor III

We use an Exchange server 2016 enviroment combined with active directory workstation filtering via the Logonto function, in which you can set machines a user can authenticate against.

We have noticed recently (particularly prevalent since the upgrade to 2016) that many users were unable to reach the server from outlook, and would be consistently prompted for their password (even though their password was correct)

It turned out that the Exchange server was unable properly resolve the DNS name for the Macs - and that instead of the correct hostname, i.e. Jamfmac1 being sent, 'WORKSTATION' would show up as an authentication attempt in the logs - and of course, none of our users had 'WORKSTATION' as a filtered machine in their logonto - and thus no-one was able to retrieve their mail

Has anyone else experienced this or managed to debug? I was thinking of trying to work a fix for this into our exchange setup (provided by the ever-helpful Talkingmoose..) though as this may be exchange side, my options may be somewhat limited ..