PaperCut LoginHook not starting

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After having installed and turned on the login hooks option on the JSS I discovered that the PaperCut Client is not starting automatically - consequently the students aren't able to print. Has anybody found a solution for this and is kind enough to share it?
I tried this script which is posted on JAMF Nation:


echo "Launching PaperCut..."
/Applications/ "$3"

exit 0

But unfortunately the pccllient did not auto start on login.
Perhaps another script is required here...


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Previously used that very script successfully.

Make sure the policy is set for login, with frequency ongoing. If you don't have network connectivity at loginwindow, you may want to also check the box cache for offline.

If it is still failing, check the /var/log/jamf.log on the client to make sure the policy is running.

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Many thanks - will give it another go and check the log.

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I discovered to my chagrin that none of my scripts were working after I upgraded my Distribution Point server to ML. I deleted the the old symlink which wasn't working and created a new one. The scripts are now running including the PaperCut Client. Many thanks for your help.