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We are getting the subject error on a couple of Macbooks that enrolled recently when the user is trying to install the app from Self Service it gives the error "Pending - STATUS_REASON_NO_LICENSES"

I checked the VPP for that application is available but the user can not install it. 

Please advise any solution or how to troubleshoot it?




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Maybe the VPP-Token is invalid. Did you check this under Setting -> Global Management -> Volume Purchasing?

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Thanks @m_schilling ,

We deployed the Slack app from option MAC APP STORE APP and in managed distribution, I can see the available balance VPP code But I couldn't find the VPP in Setting -> Global Management -> Volume Purchasing.

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 10.36.56 pm.png

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Agree with @m_schilling that you first need to make sure your VPP account with Apple Business (or School) Manager is properly connected to Jamf by downloading from ABM/ASM then uploading to Jamf a new VPP token for that VPP account (in Jamf:  Settings >> Global Management >> Volume Purchasing).  Even if it is not set to expire soon, re-applying the token may solve the issue you are seeing.  At any rate, it is definitely the first step to rule out that the VPP "handshake" is not the issue.

David Williams, Director of IT Systems and Support, Cheyenne Mountain School District 12, Colorado Springs, CO