Pre-Stage Enrollment Device names blank? Can't find in Jamf Inventory to manage?

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I'm trying to work with support to figure this issue out...

We have a bunch of iPads/iPods in our pre-stage enrollment that are assigned but don't have device names/aren't in our inventory to manage. Some of the device names just show up blank and are unmanageable. The devices appear to have the jamf mdm profile on them and are completely locked down so I can't factory reset/restore them/log out of the apple ID even after removing the mdm profile on Apple Business Manager. I can't find them in Jamf to unmanage either.

Does anyone have any idea how this could have happened? Not sure if it was an issue when they were initially enrolled or if it was a configuration we did that would cause them to disconnect from jamf somehow? Has anyone had anything like this happen to them? They are kind of stuck in limbo and I'm unable to do much of anything with the devices.


pre-stage enrollment issue


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You can always put the devices into recovery mode and restore them with Apple Configurator.


It sounds like these devices may not have completed enrollment successfully.  If the device had completed enrollment, you should be able to search for the device record by serial number (or another attribute) even if you don't know the name.  Once they have been restored, you may want to prepare them with Configurator to ensure that the enrollment completes.