Pre-stage enrolment packages skipped?


We've recently acquired a cloud distribution point, primarily to deploy PSE packages, and are looking at DEP Notify for a slicker build process and eventually Jamf Connect for slicker logon.

I'm looking at DEP Notify in the first instance on its own, I've updated a PSE config with an enrolment package, the package is signed and I've created a manifest file, etc. I have a script that works, the package deployment is fine via Self-service etc.

Devices associated to this PSE configure as expected but they don't install the package - DEP Notify in this case. I can't see anything in logs to help troubleshoot this at all, anything obvious to look at?


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When the machine is booted, you can check the logs with
log show --predicate 'processImagePath contains "mdmclient" OR processImagePath contains "storedownloadd"' --debug --info --last 1h
to check if your Package has a wrong checksum, or a wrong manifest etc.

bye, Fridolin.


There's a lot here, what would I be looking for?

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Using DEP notify, I am assuming that you are calling policies with a trigger. Can you check one of the policy logs to see what's happening there? That's not the whole picture, but you'll see if it's a simple failure (like not having Rosetta installed on an M1 Mac)