Prefered Jamf Server


My current JAMF Server is starting to show its age, it is a 2011 Mac Mini Server. So as I start looking at a new server I figured I would as the nation what server platform you prefer and why. I manage around 300 devices.

Thanks for your input.


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We use Mac Mini's and they work fine. We only have around 400 machines here. We do have JAMF also running on a windows server as well as a backup - but overall Mac is better.

Having installed JAMF on Mac, Windows, and Linux - I can say Mac is by far the easiest. It seems like the installers work so much better on a Mac then the other two. Settings up MySql also seems easier and overall, it's a great experience on a Mac.

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Our server is a VM, running on a GUI-free version of Debian Linux. Works great for us, though we may have to shift to a dedicated server eventually as things balloon

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we use a mini for the DMZ and a few we deployed for remote distribution/netboot. The main JSS is on a MacPro (canister style) for the JSS and a MacPro (canister style) for MySQL. The rest of the distribution points/netboots are also MacPro's (older Silver towers). Hosting about 1200 machines.

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Mac Mini (2012) i7 Quad as the main JSS with 5 Mac Mini (2014) i5 Duals as DP's. Add in a Caching box and DeployStudio for imaging on Mini's. Everything is SSD and max ram, and dual NIC'd.

5K Macs/1k iOS
We've had no issues.