Preventing re-deployed Macs from writing their "Computer Name" attribute in server

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Hi all!

New to JAMF. Long-time DevOp, first-time poster. Love the software.

However, I've just come from a rather long email thread with JAMF support on how freshly re-deployed Macs are expected to update their records on the server (with generic names like, "iMac"), and not vice versa.

I've always believed that a CMDB should be used to configure the clients. Our JAMF Pro server has this wonderful little database that I'd love to use as a canonical source for computer names. At this juncture it doesn't appear to work that way.

We've started out by building a web app that populates our DDNS and AD and then uses the JAMF remote web APIs to "pre-create" the computer records in the JAMF Pro (10.6) server. So far so good, but re-installs via PreStage Enrollments are over-writing their name attributes. It's frustrating when you're trying to automate everything.

Am I missing something? Have we overthought this process?

I just figured I'd ask here before we build a SQL back-end to this (so our Macs can query their names). I just don't want to start creating more services than we need.

Thanks all.