Printers connection refused nothing fixes it!!!


I've had printers pausing all the time on macs and a simple resume gets it back up and running but I've just started seeing printers pausing and once resumed they pause again instantly and say "connection refused".

Reinstalling the printer doesn't work, reinstalling the drivers doesn't work, removing the printer keychain password doesn't work, resetting all the cups config and plist files doesn't work. The only fix has been wiping the macbook and rebuilding it.

All users are added to print admins so have rights to un-pause a printer and add/remove them, etc.

I've tried various scripts to force queues to continually un-pause and to restart services but nothing seems to fix it.

Has anyone ever come across this as I can't find anything online anywhere and I'm getting to my wits end now?!?!?!



Has no one come across this issue or similar???

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I have seen this as well. Are you using any print management software?
Here is what I had seen: PaperCut print management, two wi-fi networks (printing was only allowed on the secure network). Users would jump to the public wi-fi without knowing it and then print. Printer pauses. A jump to the correct wi-fi and a un-pause would solve the problem. When it did not, I would find that the print job had become stuck at the PaperCut server. A flush of the print job at the server level would solve the issue. If the print job was never receive, resetting the printing system would solve the problem.
Hope that gives you some information that can help you to troubleshoot your problem.


Thanks for the reply.

We use safecom for our print management and I am thinking its something to do with that end but the safecom backend is awful so not a lot to check out.

I'll check some more things and see what happens but good to know there is some hope.


do you fix the problem, we have the same problem with konica papercut