QuickAdd and "Enrollment Complete"

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I am migrating Macs to a new JSS and deploying a new QuickAdd package to do so. I have a policy set to run at "enrollment complete" but it doesn't seem to be running on these Macs during my initial testing. Does "enrollment complete" apply to a QuickAdd package?

If I look at the Macs in the JSS, they have completed enrollment and are listed as being relevant for the policy, but there are no policy logs, so there wasn't even an attempt by the policy to run. I verified the Macs aren't being excluded, etc.


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I too am seeing this issue. It started, "I think", after our jamfcloud instance was upgraded to 9.8. Prior to the upgrade our MacBooks always started to deploy policies which were marked for deployment at enrollment during the running of QuickAdd.pkg. After the recent JSS upgrade to 9.8, I used "Recon" (new v9.8) to build a transportable/reusable QuickAdd.pkg file that I use to enroll our MacBooks. Now after enrollment I have to issue a 'sudo jamf policy' command via terminal to kick the deploying of these policies into gear.

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Unrelated, I just want to say I appreciate your user icon @bmarks.

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those were the days!