Recon - Locating Receipts

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Just attempting to add a couple of machines to casper (via Recon) and am getting a lag where it is constantly trying to locate the receipts.
I have added over 100 machines with the same spec and this one is giving me hassles. Thoughts ???

Also with another, I can add the machine via casper using an admin account, but when I try to add it using another admin account using Recon (which casper creates), it tells me that it is not a valid account. Thoughts ???



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I had trouble for awhile with recon getting stuck on locating receipts too. I think it may have been submitted to JAMF as well. I eventually found those machines had trouble hitting my SuS (due to proxy settings), and were unable to determine available software updates. You might try running 'sudo jamf recon -verbose' or the equivalent to see where it's hanging on a few machines - it was on software updates for me.

Not sure on the second...


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jamf binary not being proxy aware is a known issue. We run into this as
well. Even though we have our own internal SUS defined for machines, the
jamf binary still wants to hit Apple (for whatever reason), times out,
then looks at our SUS for comparing available updates. You may see an
error like "could not connect to (there may be a proxy in

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