Remotely remove activation lock on mistakenly enrolled iPads

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My university recently purchased Jamf and I've come to be the one in charge of it. An initial PreStage enrollment was configured for shared lab iPads and had the Activation Lock through Apple School Manager. Roughly 80 iPads were given to students in a program. The iPads were never released/unassigned from ASM and as a result have an activation lock requesting my managed Apple ID to unlock them. I pushed out what I thought was a command to remove the activation lock but the iPads in question are still requiring my Apple ID. What's the best way to ensure the ASM activation lock is removed so I can fully release these devices?


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I have a similar problem. We are managing Macbooks and iMacs, but do not want to manage iPads. We just purchased two iPads and they arrived with management automatically on them. The user can not log in. I removed the serial number from ASM as well as marked the ipads as "unmanaged" in JAMF. However, this is not removing the management from the iPad. How can I completely remove management from all iPads now and in the future ones purchased?

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@msg|gsm Are they still enrolled in your Jamf instance or, at least, is the device record still available? If so, you should be able to pull the Activation Lock Bypass Code from the device record (Management -> Activation Lock Bypass). If the device record has been deleted, you will need to contact AppleCare. They can remove Activation Lock at the backend. You will either need to provide proof of purchase OR if you have not removed them from your ASM account, Apple will accept enrollment in your ASM as POP.

@leigsringeg It looks like your issue is a different issue. Once a device is managed via Automated Enrollment, the only way to remove management is to do an "Erase all contents and settings" and reset to factory. Going forward, you should set your preference in your ASM account for Default Device Assignments. Set your iPads to None in Settings->Device Management Settings->Default Device Assignment. That way any new devices will not be assigned to your MDM unless you explicitly assign them.