Remove enforced configuration login from used ipad?

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Hello, folks. I have a used iPad 2, purchased through a large surplus reseller. It has a cracked screen, but other than that is fine. I'm guessing the school district that had it chose to get rid of it rather than having it fixed. The ipad arrived in the "clean" state and I was able to configure it and use it fine. A few months later, I want to wipe it and set it up for my wife.

When I do a hard reset on the device, the "welcome" process is presenting me with a page saying that the school district will automatically configure my ipad. It then prompts me to log in.

Any ideas on how to get this enrollment broken? I can't get past the welcome process to see if there is a profile to remove. I'm going to contact the school, but I would have thought they's have removed the ipad from their management system before surplussing it.



It sounds like the school system did not "Disown" the iPad before sending to surplus. You would just need to contact them and have them "Disown" the iPad.

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It's Apples Device Enrollment Program that is capturing it and automatically attempting to re-enroll it in the schools management system as @mradams said you will need them or Apple to remove (disown) it from the Device Enrollment Program.

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Ok, thanks. I'll figure out how to get ahold of the right folks at the school district.