Safari: This Connection is not Private

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We have some internal websites that are http only.  Without getting into the history:


iOS 16 the website launches

iOS 15 or below they get "This Connection is not Private". 


I've asked if they click Show Details and the option to continue to the site what happens but haven't heard back yet.  Is there any way with supervised devices to allow Safari to skip this message?  I do have this site on a allowed content filter.


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Welcome to an invalid SSL Certificate. At least I am about 99% sure this is an invalid SSL Certificate. If so, no there is no way to suppress this message. The Web server Admin needs to use a valid SSL certificate. If the SSL Certificate is valid, check your time and date on the devices.



I just noticed the newer devices work, its older devices that dont work. it is absolutely the SSL certificate, in this case its using cryptography that Safari on iOS 15 does not support for whatever reason. Really at this point you should be phasing iOS 15 out anyway.

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Most likely a built in CA certificate that's been updated in iOS 16 but expired in iOS 15. 

Does it matter if you update iOS 15 to .7.5 or whatever this week's latest is?