Self Enrolment Package

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We are looking at ways to help the ICT department in the next enrolment cycle for the new school year. We currently don't have DEP but may look at if required.

Current process is that the 3 man ICT department manage all new BYOD device enrolments, we do it manually and we are the only staff with permissions to enrol (Kids will remove themselves, play games etc etc, then re-enrol so we turned this off quick). When we do it for iPads and Apple Laptops we sign into server, download/install certificates and then the MDM package and then wait.

We could be doing anywhere from 150-250 iPads and 150-200 laptops each year in the space of a week or two. We need to find a way we can allow parents or students to do this by simply clicking a link we send out and click approve and OK and enter their username and away it goes. Is there a way we can automate the cert install and MDM install into a single click and approve and go?

We noticed in the new iOS that we need to navigate a little more to get things done, it wont auto navigate for us and we assume this is apple increasing security (which isn't bad) but just makes the process less easy for parents and new students.


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@tatachilla-ict You can forget about DEP. DEP is for organizationally purchased devices via authorized resellers. Since you are not purchasing the devices, DEP is out of the question.

For Macs you can create a QuickAdd package via, you can host the pkg somewhere (behind an authenticated proxy would be best) and then you can send a link to the pkg to your end-users. They can download the pkg and install it, and as long as your Jamf Pro instance is available externally, they can enroll their Macs from anywhere.

For iOS devices your best best is to send them the URL to do user initiated enrollment.

I would suggest looking into the Jamf 200 and 300 courses, as these are items you could learn about in those courses.

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Awesome, thanks for the advise - learning on the go so those courses are a great tip. Thank You.

One last question, when we do an enrolment manually we are assigning the device to a user as step 1 of the process, with the quick add who is it assigned to?