Self Service 11.2.1 and iOS Device Compliance (Register with Microsoft) prompts missing

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FYI folks, the new Self Service seems to have impacted the "Register with Microsoft" process. When performing the registration process the prompts to "open authenticator", "open self service", and "you are now registered with microsoft" are no longer displayed. The registration is successful, but since the "you are now registered" is no longer displayed, your users may be confused and try to redo the registration process. I created a case for this just now.


Thanks to everyone for posting the fix for the other issue (MANAGEMENT_ID) with 11.2 release of Self Service. That was super helpful in fixing our environment very quickly!


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@rafgar, It's unfortunate to hear about the issues you're facing with the "Register with Microsoft" process in Self Service 11.2.1. It's great that you've created a support case to address this concern promptly. In the meantime, consider providing clear communication to your users about the successful registration despite the missing prompts. Offering step-by-step guidance or updating any user documentation can help minimize confusion during this period. Additionally, your proactive approach in seeking solutions for the earlier "MANAGEMENT_ID" issue with the 11.2 release highlights the effectiveness of community collaboration. Feel free to share any updates or solutions you receive from the support case, as it could benefit others facing similar challenges. Thanks for keeping the community informed and contributing to collective problem-solving!

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