Service reporting as active?

New Contributor III

I am trying to uninstall System Center Endpoint protection, and I found an uninstall script inside of the .app file. This worked for many of the installations.

However it appears that this software was a 32Bit version, and users (Most of our users) upgraded to OSX Catalina. Part of the uninstall tosses out an error. After doing some digging, it appears it is because something can't run due to it being 32Bit.

Looking at the "services" running on my example machine, I see listed. However, when I SSH into the laptop and do a ps aux | grep daemon it does not appear.

I did a sudo jamf recon, pushed updated data, and it is still reporting that this daemon is runnning. However I cannot see any form of daemon or SCEP process runnning.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can check to see why is still listed in the running services?