Setup Your Mac (1.7.0) via swiftDialog

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Setup Your Mac (1.7.0) benefits from the latest swiftDialog 2.1 features and easily allows Mac Admins to specify a minimum OS version to help mitigate zero-day attacks

Setup Your Mac (1.7.0) via swiftDialogSetup Your Mac (1.7.0) via swiftDialog


Apple’s Automated Device Enrollment helps streamline Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment and device Supervision during activation, enabling IT to manage enterprise devices with “zero touch.”

Setup Your Mac aims to simplify initial device configuration by leveraging swiftDialog and Jamf Pro Policy Custom Events to allow end-users to self-complete Mac setup post-enrollment.

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Great work as usual! Keep it up!


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Setup Your Mac (1.7.1)

  • Addresses Issue No. 35
  • Improves user-interaction with helpmessage under certain circumstances (thanks, @bartreardon!)
  • Increased debugMode delay (thanks for the heads-up, @Lewis B!)
  • Changed Banner Image (to something much, much smaller)

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In 1.7.0 with an Enrollment Complete trigger, I'm getting the minimum build error message coming up in the Setup Assistant, which does not seem to be a great time to have that happen.

What's the recommended way to just bypass that requirement?

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Please see Implementation  (and you're invited to join us at #setup-your-mac.)

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Setup Your Mac (1.7.2)

  • Reordered Pre-Flight Check to not validate OS until AFTER Setup Assistant / Finder & Dock
  • Added disabled option for requiredMinimumBuild
  • Added Pre-flight Check for Self Service’s brandingimage.png (Addresses Issue No. 40)
  • Pre-flight Check logging messages now saved client-side
  • Addresses Issue No. 41