Show Notification Preview for Specific Apps

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Hey ya'll -

Newish to managing Jamf here! Our team is looking to force notification previews for the Self Service application, even if the end user has "show previews - never" enabled. Is there a script or option to do this?




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You want to create a Notifications configuration profile in Jamf Pro and deploy it to all your computer. You can set the Notifications to be either Banners (temporary) or Alerts (displayed until dismissed). This will override any user settings. 

You will need the Self Service bundle Id: com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac


Thanks for replying! The problem is that for users that already have this settngs enabled, to hide previews in banner notifications, we want the Self Service application to be able to show previews regardless of if the setting to hide is enabled or not. Will your suggestion achieve this? 

Appreciate the help! 

Yes, settings pushed from Jamf Pro will override what users have set locally.