Sidebar Managed Preferences

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Good afternoon.

Has anyone has any luck with using casper managed preferences to manage the finder's sidebar on 10.7.2. I have configured a user's on a brand new machine off the network. Uploaded the preference to casper, and it's not applying.

I have added the "favourites", "network browser" and "system items" key of the sidebar preference to my managed profile. They have each been configured to be applied to the "User Level At Every Login". Every other preference I have, around 25 keys are working OK. I even turned off all the finder keys and loginwindow keys in case there were any conflicts. I have also used the mcx jamf command to manually load the user/system managed preferences. The machine is not bound to OD or been managed by any other system.

If I configure the sidebar manually, turning on/off things randomly, reboot, the changes stick, In /Library/Managed Preferences/username, I do not see any reference to the sidebar, so I know the preference is not been managed.

Any help would be great.

Cheers Chris.
Chris Daley | Apple Engineer
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