Site "migration" Best practices?


We have decided to start using jamf sites as a way to give lab admins access to manage their lab computers in JAMF.
We have set up a bunch of sites, and would like to "migrate" some current lab Policies, Configuration profiles, Managed Preferences and Computers that are not in a site over to each Labs site. What are the best practices for doing this? Is there a particular order that needs to be followed when changing each of these to a site? I.E . should the computers site attribute be changed first or Policies, Configuration profiles, Managed Preferences? does it matter?


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I have the same question. We have a lot of mobile devices that are taken off site and need a completely different set of profiles and apps pushed. I was hoping to find something on best practices for moving devices between sites and preparing a site prior to moving the device.

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@ostrowsp or @mdfoster ... did either of you find an answer to your query? I do not know the answer, though I am interested in the answer.