Skype for Business Mac - Possible to configure user logon?

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Is it possible to configure e-mail and username for the first time logon of Skype for Business Mac?
So the user only need to enter the password.


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I've got one for Lync, it may be the same/similar for Skype for Business.

I haven't got it installed on this Mac to check the correct plist.


    # Check if setup has already run, if so quit. 

checkSetupDone()    {

    if [ -f $HOME/Library/Preferences/ ] ; then
        exit 0


populateUserInformation()   {

    # Get current username
    USERNAME=$( id -un )

    # Look up user email address
    EMAILADDRESS=$( dscl . -read /Users/$USERNAME EMailAddress | awk 'BEGIN {FS=" "} {print $2}' )

    # Write to plist 
    defaults write $HOME/Library/Preferences/ UserIDMRU '( { LogonName = '"$EMAILADDRESS"'; UserID = '"$EMAILADDRESS"'; } )'

    # Accept license agreement - Prevents initial license agreement from appearing for each user
    defaults write $HOME/Library/Preferences/ acceptedSLT140 -bool true

    # Do not show conference provider alert
    defaults write $HOME/Library/Preferences/ DoNotShowConfProviderAlert -bool true

    # Do not show presence provider alert
    defaults write $HOME/Library/Preferences/ DoNotShowPresenceProviderAlert -bool true

    # Do not show telephone provider alert
    defaults write $HOME/Library/Preferences/ DoNotShowTelProviderAlert -bool true



exit 0

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From what I can tell, MS went the Office 2016 route and looks to store the data in a custom sqlite Database in the ~/Library/Containers/ Support/ directory. I've not found a way to edit that easily, so most likely it would have to be some form of automation using something like Apple Script to open and populate the fields, but thats a bit beyond my keen.

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It might be worth asking this in the MS Office channel on MacAdmins Slack, the Skype devs hang out in there as well.

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Has anyone found a way to do this with Skype for Business yet? Getting users to click on the Advanced button to enter the 2nd part of their identification is troublesome. Leave it to Microsoft to hide a required field on a separate screen. I did find the info below on, but they require the use of the defaults write command that is tricky to use when pushed through policy. I'd much rather a configuration profile.

Skype for Business  userName    String
Skype for Business  sipAddress  String

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I would suggest using similar steps to this . You would just create another custom Profile for