Smart Card and Keychain prompts

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Hi. Me again.

After upgrading to 10.15, we are enforcing Smart Cards. Everything is working pretty well so far, except for one thing. After the upgrade to 10.15 and when the user logs in for the first time with the Smart Card, we are seeing Keychain prompts for all users. The first one seems to always be the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.

Has anybody else seen this? Once we clear the keychain and restart, users are fine, but we have to do this for every user who upgrades.

Apple Engineers said because our organization doesn't have KMK set for the cards, it isn't allowing the certs to authenticate and unlock the Keychain. It looks like we'll have to re-provision the cards so the certs are on slot 9a and 9d.

Because the cards are already in the wild, I don't want to re-issue hundreds of cards, especially during a pandemic.

Any ideas would be helpful for us. Bueller? @boberito Anyone?

Thank you!