Some USB sticks can't boot my AutoCasperImage

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Hi guys

Happy user of AutoCasperNBI

I'm mostly booting via USB stick and have noticed that some of them can't boot.

I have one KingstonDataTraveler G3 16GB for example that work great. I also have a Kingston 32GB that work just fine.

I've noticed before that I had boot problems with some other DataTraveller sticks but ignored it at the time. Then I bought a DataTraveller 100, 64GB - and I can't boot from that either.

I tried format it as one 64GB size, but also to split it up into 4 equal size parts and put my AutoCasperImage on one of them - no luck.

It's visible as boot device and start booting, but its slow and when I boot verbose I see that it gives me an endless:

"AppleKeyStore: operation failed"

And basically it never boot to desktop. Anyone experienced the same?

PS If I use the same problematic USB stick and just create a standard Sierra Installer - it boot just fine...


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Honored Contributor III

@haggan Just somethings to double-check:
- make sure that the USB's have a Partition Scheme of GUID Partition Map
- make sure that the USB's have a format of Mac OS Extended (journaled)
- make sure that you are restoring the restorable.dmg

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Hi Ben

Yes, I can confirm its GUID and Extended journaled.

This is peculiar. Any other tips?